Improve flexibility & reduce the risk of injury

Sports massage is useful as part of an overall sporting regime in order to reduce the risk of injury, improve flexibility and encourage relaxation. Sports Massage uses the same techniques as Remedial Massage, but is applied to sports people or people who does regular training.

So, we’ve teamed up with Blys – a team of professional sport massage therapists in Sydney & Melbourne, who could be knocking on your house or hotel room door within an hour and give you the best massage experience within any schedule.

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Blys is a pioneering massage on-demand service in Australia that believes in the power of ‘touch’, and how therapeutic massage can help people improve their health and wellbeing, ultimately making them happier. So, we made it our mission to make professional massage therapy more accessible by streamlining the processes involved in getting a massage, and make it part of our everyday lives.


Very simply, sports massage does not just mean ironing out niggles, treating injuries or tuning up the body – it means all of the above, with the aim of enhancing the athlete’s performance. Read more >>