Stop wasting time on searching multiple websites to find a personal trainer. Our platform helps you to save time by sharing your fitness goal and receive offers from best trainers in the town.



First things first! Submit your goal and tell us what exactly you need. We made it simple for you by asking 15 simple questions. By answering those questions you will make it clear that:

  • What your goal is,
  • When you want to reach it,
  • When & Where you like to train,
  • What your fitness level is,
  • and …


We match the qualified personal trainers listed on our website with your need and they get notified instantly by email or SMS. All personal trainers listed here are qualified and verfied by our team and you can trust that they are the best in town.

Trainers who show interest in assisting with your goal can contact you via any of the below methods:

  • Direct phone call: only if you’ve given us the permission to pass your number to trainers.
  • Email
  • Submit an online offer that can be viewed from your dashboard (we will send the link by email)



Now that you’ve received response from trainers, you can make your decision and choose the person who you think can help you achieve your goal. Check each individual trainers profile and learn more about their previous success stories, qualifications, area of expertise, user reviews & etc. If you have more questions, feel free to contact them via the website or give them a call to finalize the fees and schedule.



Our system is relying on feedbacks and reviews. It is important that you share your training experience with others to help them benefit from your views.

Trainers are also deserved to be rewarded for their dedication and commitment. Tell everyone what you liked and what didn’t.


We have listed the most asked questions for you

We believe every goal is a project: It should have target, schedule, budget and plan. To achieve a goal, it must be planned ahead and without knowing where we are going, it can be difficult to reach the target.
Google may give you a list of trainers and gym facilities in a fraction of seconds but is going through the whole list, browsing each website, contact the trainer to see if s/he can assist you with your goal, can be a killer! What we do though instead is to take the whole responsibility of searching and finding the best match and save your money and time by connecting you to the trainers who best suit your needs.
ZERO! using our system is totally free for trainees, unless you want to buy or book online from our stores e.g. gift cards, book sessions etc. You'll be prompted in advance if any payment is required.
All trainers are independent trainers with relevant qualifications and you train directly with them. Getting the result that you want depends on your commitment to the training program and we are not in position to guarantee the result. What we can assure you though is that all trainers are qualified, verified and the best in town.
Personal trainers are notified immediately right after you post your goal. Our records show that it takes an average of 24 hours for trainers to reply to your enquiry.
It's simple! go to this link and find out more about the benefits. Then you can create a profile with all requested information. We will quickly review your profile and do our magics to make sure you won't miss any enquiry. Once it is approved, you'll be automatically notified for any new project.
YES! If you don't have a clear plan in your mind, you can browse our trainers directory to see what kind of facilities (e.g. bootcamps & gyms) exist in your nearest.