The fitness industry is becoming more and more saturated every year. There are more personal trainers being churned out month by month than ever before so you need to stand out and get noticed.

What can be more persuading to a potential client than seeing proof of your work in the form of testimonials and before and after pictures?

Testimonials show that you’re experienced, you have trained people – not just spoke about it. They show that the service you offer actually achieves what you say it will – Results!

It is undeniable that personal trainers need to prove their worth before making a sale. Hiring a personal trainer can be an expensive investment for someone, so it is inevitable that the potential client is going to shop around to find a trainer who can offer the best possible service for the often hefty investment they are about the make. There is no better way to show the great results you can for someone than provided a portfolio of clients whose bodies you have transformed and lives you have changed.

How to get client testimonials

Simply asking for a testimonial is sometimes good enough. However, in my experience, these tend to be less specific, of lesser quality, and most of the time, the client doesn’t even end up giving it to you. Instead, there are some simple questions that you can use to create a form and hand this out to your clients.

Firstly, you should always make it clear during your initial consultation with the client that before and after pictures as well as testimonials are terms of doing business with you and make sure you include it in the contract. As well as this, be sure to include an option in the form of a checkbox to ask their permission for you to use their testimonials as future marketing material. Have this signed and you now have ready made before and after shots and client testimonials at your disposal.

When creating a document with which the answers will form a useful testimonial, ensure you ask specific questions to get specific answers. These answers become more useful and detailed rather than asking vague questions and receiving responses of less detail.

Here are some questions you may wish to include:

  1. In 3 sentences or less, can you describe any barriers you encountered that used to halt your progress in your training?
  2. In 3 sentences or less, explain how I helped you overcome those barriers
  3. What were your top 2 goals that you wanted to achieve when you first started training with me?
  4. Can you list your achievements so far in your training
  5. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Do this and you will soon have a presentable portfolio of your work, evidence of bodies you have transformed and clients describing your amazing service in their own words. Post the testimonials and pictures on your website, social media streams and platforms like and watch your business grow.

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