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Kathryn Orrey Staff asked 3 years ago

I am 20 years old girl and have never been to gym before. How should I start? Do I need a trainer?

2 Answers
Anthony Oliver Staff answered 3 years ago

The start point is yourself! Define your goal, make a decision and commit to achieve it. Start now, not tomorrow. It’s never late.

Do you need a trainer? I say YES. Without having any training experience and not fully into it, soon you will lose your motivation. But having a trainer who assess your body and give you the right advice can keep you on track. When you find your trainer, then next step is gym membership.

Daniel Robin Staff answered 3 years ago

You need a personal trainer, for sure. Never trust your buddies who they may give your wrong advice. You should have a program and someone who teach you how to work out. Choose the PT based on the reviews. Check out their facebook & Instagram pages, websites, directories. It may sound pricy to start but it is better to paying $$ for gym memberships for a year or two and not getting the result you want.