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Kathryn Orrey Staff asked 2 years ago

I am 20 years old girl and have never been to gym before. How should I start? Do I need a trainer?

2 Answers
Daniel Robin Staff answered 2 years ago

You need a personal trainer, for sure. Never trust your buddies who they may give your wrong advice. You should have a program and someone who teach you how to work out. Choose the PT based on the reviews. Check out their facebook & Instagram pages, websites, directories. It may sound pricy to start but it is better to paying $$ for gym memberships for a year or two and not getting the result you want.

Anthony Oliver Staff answered 2 years ago

The start point is yourself! Define your goal, make a decision and commit to achieve it. Start now, not tomorrow. It’s never late.

Do you need a trainer? I say YES. Without having any training experience and not fully into it, soon you will lose your motivation. But having a trainer who assess your body and give you the right advice can keep you on track. When you find your trainer, then next step is gym membership.