Diet, Training & Fitness QuestionsWhat Is The Best Way To Lose Fat For 30+ Age?
Tanya HarnelTanya Harnel Staff asked 2 years ago

I’m 32 yo and I’ve spent an average of 3 days a week at gym since last year but so far, no result. Is there any particular type of training/diet which can help to lose the body fat?

5 Answers
James Lee Staff answered 2 years ago

30+ is still so young to see it as a road block. It might be a bit harder to get fit though but nothing that stop you. define a deadline (like 9 month) and break it into achievable & measurable milestones. On each milestone, pause and revise your plan. This will give you enough motivation to keep you moving.

Dave Karat Staff answered 2 years ago

If you want to lose fat quicker, then eat more & eat healthier. This is where most of the people fail. Eat 5-6 times a day with smaller portions but richer in nutrients. Breakfast, mid-day, lunch, afternoon, dinner. Supplements are a MUST. Your body needs extra energy to burn the fat and that extra can be obtained via vitamins and minerals. Drop me an email and I’m happy to give you more advice.

John Miller Staff answered 2 years ago

3 days training can do a lot if you follow a proper diet. If you haven’t got the result you wanted then you might be doing it wrong. Tell me how long do you spend each session and what type of training do you do? Cardio? Weight training?.. what do you eat before and after workout? Tell me more otherwise it is hard to find the problem.