Diet, Training & Fitness QuestionsHow Many Days A Week I Should Workout?
Joseph Muyed Staff asked 3 years ago

I usually go 3 days a week but read that 4 days is a minimum to get the result. Why do I need to workout more days?

2 Answers
Gerard Hughes Staff answered 3 years ago

4-5 days are the best forms of training since it leaves you with 2 days rest in between. If you really want to see noticeable results in your physique, you’re going to have to put in the time. Strength training requires heavy lifting and sets, which have a greater impact on fatiguing the nervous system, making recovery time vital. Never workout for more than 3 days consecutive as you may end up with injury.

John Harris Staff answered 3 years ago

Go for 4 days training. It allows you to break down the workouts into 4 different muscle groups with 3 days for rest. It is ideal for all training levels. Let’s say Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri and Wed-Sat & Sun for rest.