Diet, Training & Fitness QuestionsDo I Need To Take Supplements?
Matt BourneMatt Bourne Staff asked 3 years ago

I’ve never used any type of supplements, but recently my personal trainer told me to take some multi vitamins and ZMA. I am concered about the side effects though. Any advice?

4 Answers
Anthony Oliver Staff answered 2 years ago

On what basis have you been advised to take supplements? Have you done any blood test?
I usually ask my clients to do a full blood test before even they start. It includes Zinc, D, Iron etc. For example, Iron supplements may also be required for vegetarians and vegans, but only if there is a deficiency. The test results can tell you what your body is missing and any supplements should be advised based on the result.

Camila Belle Staff answered 2 years ago

Getting all the vitamins and minerals that the body need from the food is a myth!! Even those who always eat healthy and clean food may suffer from vitamin deficiency because there are other external factors that are important such as sleep, sun, daily workout etc. Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Multi vitamins, Zinc, Magnesium are usually advised but the actual dose is calculated by your body weight.

Dave Karat Staff answered 2 years ago

I want to highlight the importance of ZMA since it’s been always underrated. ZMA is a special formulation of zinc and magnesium. Magnesium helps you sleep better and avoid Metabolic Syndrome and heart disease. Heavy exercise and infection also can deplete zinc and often those on a largely vegetarian diet consume less zinc as well. But taking excessive amount of Zing may lead to a copper deficiency. Copper is critical for the health of your heart and your collagen among other things. So, the Zinc to Copper ratio is critical. If you have a blood test result, feel free to send it to me and I am happy to give you some advice. Hope that helps 🙂