We have analysed all users activities on our website for last year which gave us some valuable results showing what type of profiles they’ve viewed and sent message to. So, we decided to share these insights with you so you know which part of your online personal training profile you need to focus more and complete relevant information. We’re writing today to show you the basics of how to set up an awesome profile page.

Why Online Profiles Matter

As someone looking to give advice, your profile needs to accurately reflect your expertise and be welcoming so that people feel comfortable enough to reach out. Believe it or not, some people may be intimidated to reach out to you. They’re constantly worrying about not getting a response.

That’s why your personality needs to shine through. We’re all human, right?

Here’s what you need for a great profile:

  1. Choose a Great Profile Photo

    Use a photo where you are wearing something casual. Smile a little (or a lot). The happier you look, the more approachable you’ll seem. No need to go to Sears – we don’t need a glamour shot.

  2. Add a Profile Cover Image

    The cover photo is the first thing that catch the users’ eyes. Choose a high quality image that clearly shows the details. It can be a photo of your fitness studio, latest group classes or just a well-designed graphic showing your logo and promotional text. This should be something that stand you out in the list from other trainers.

    Hint: Change your cover photo regularly (every fortnight). Your profile will be appeared in multiple pages and locations and it’s good that every so often, you appear with different look!

  3. Showcase Your Environment: Add Photos

    When you can upload unlimited number of images to your gallery, Why not doing it? Add photos from your private training sessions, training programs, the outdoor/indoor facilities etc. give each photo a meaningful name containing your personal training business name before uploading e.g. “my-personal-training-mycity-myclass.jpg” . Why? Because images are also indexed by Google and other search engines and can bring you more visitors when someone searching for related keywords.
    Hint: Before/After photos have proven results. Everyone likes to know what you’ve done before!

  4. Your Mini-bio

    If you’re on FitnessSpot, you’ve probably done some awesome stuff. You’re probably also passionate about different areas of your career. Definitely include those details! If you started your personal training business when you were 13, decided to loose 20k weight, or have several qualifications – that’s cool.

    Being professional is important, but letting your guard down a little goes a long way.

  5. Show Them What You’re Made Of: Include a Video

    Video is one of the most powerful ways to set yourself apart on FitnessSpot. No need to be super formal about it – just record something on your laptop and put it on YouTube. Or, if you’ve given a talk in the past, just paste the link on FitnessSpot and the video will be embedded for you.
    Hint: We’ve found that people with video on their profiles get 3x the enquiry requests and response rates.

  6. Areas of Expertise – the Intersection of Knowledge and Passion

    It’s completely up to you to decide what to highlight, but it’s best to focus on what you know best. We all have a wide range of interests, but that doesn’t mean that we’re qualified to consult on each topic.

  7. Reviews – They Say It Best

    This is by far the most impactful part of your profile. It’s where your FitnessSpot users can vouch for you. Reviews are the single most important variable affecting our search and recommendation features.

  8. Verify Your Account – Create Trust

    It’s not mandatory, but one way to show that you’re committed to the community is to link up with your social profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. It goes without saying that we’ll respect your privacy and hide your profile data.

    We just want to show our community that you’re a real person. We only use public information from these profiles, as we take your privacy very seriously.

    Hint: We read the latest updates from your social accounts and show them on your fitness wall. That saves you a lot from duplicating your posts.

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