Putting your kids in sports that are not only demanding physically but also mentally is a good fun way to get them ready for life as an adult. They will learn how to set goals and targets and also how to work for those goals and eventually go on to achieve them.

Boxing and its training is one such sport, it is easily one of the most demanding sport in terms of athleticism. Nowadays young teens are getting into fitness and professional sports quicker than ever before. And boxing being an extremely popular sport can offer a lot of fun along with the essentials for a kids’ growth.

Basic knowhow of Kids Boxing Gloves

The first and foremost thing to look for in Kids Boxing Gloves is safety. Their young hands are still in the growing stage and there are hundreds of bones and nerves that are very delicate and can easily break upon slightest of impact. Boxing Gloves for kids have extra padding on the inside that is specially added to protect the hands and the design is of a kind that is easy for kids to take off the gloves and put them back on.

Sizes and Weights

Boxing equipment of all kinds is specially designed in smaller sizes for children and young teenagers. Similarly, boxing gloves also vary in sizes and weights amongst children. They usually range from 4 to 8 oz. with smaller ones for young kids and bigger ones for older children or teenagers. It is not at all necessary that the gloves will weigh corresponding to their sizes. For this reason you should always let your child try them on and shadow box a little to better understand whether the gloves fit or not. They should snug but shouldn’t be loose in any way because that will make the hands susceptible to injuries.

Boxing gloves are mostly labelled as small, medium and large in terms of sizes. But in some cases, companies have a totally different category for kids’ gloves.

Average Cost of a pair of boxing gloves

Usually boxing gloves for children cost around $25 to $50. You can make the purchase without coughing up a lot of cash and also without seriously compromising on the quality and durability. You should try and avoid getting gloves that are very cheap as compared to every other gloves in the market because those gloves can seriously damage your child’s hand with a serious injury.

A good quality pair of gloves will go a long way in protecting and helping your kids’ skills. They will last for over 2 years even after being put through extensive training routines.

Word of Advice

Always ensure that your child has his hand wraps on before putting on the gloves. The best way to go about is to teach yourself how to wrap the hands and then personally ensure that your kids hand are safe for gloves and sparring.

Boxing Gloves like shoes need breaking in, so get a pair that fits tightly around your kids hand and after a few sessions the gloves will take shape. It is always beneficial to consult a professional trainer or expert personally before making the purchase.

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