Where it all begun

The idea of FitnessSpot came to this world by Ethan Ferdosi – the Founder –  after his several unsuccessful attempts of finding a personal trainer & boot camp in Sydney. Following days of search on multiple websites and online directories, he realized that the information available on online directories are usually outdated and it requires visiting multiple sites to find trainers.

Soon after that, he started building FitnessSpot and 6 month later, on July 2015, it went live. Started in Sydney but now available all across Australia, thousands of trainers & fitness centers have joined this network which turned it into one of the most reliable source for finding a qualified trainer.


Our Mission

FitnessSpot mission is to help people to achieve their fitness goal by finding a personal trainer who best suit their goal. FitnessSpot revolutionized the way that people search for trainers by introducing the ‘fitness project’, a tool that allows users to submit their goal once and receive offers from the qualified trainers in their area.


We are different

FitnessSpot isn’t just a listing directory. We take the hard work of searching and contacting hundreds of trainers and make this process, shorter & more efficient by only sending your request to those who best match with your need. This enables you to avoid spending your time visiting multiple trainers websites and also enhances your ability to find a trainer better suited to your needs and budget.


We value your feedback

Our reputation is maintained everyday with every user experience. We want to know what you think, what you would like to see here and where you think we need to improve. We’re an startup focused on meeting our users need and solving their problems. Your opinion really matter to us.